Feminine Sexy Tattoos for Girls

tattoos for girls

Sexy Tattoos

Sure girls can wear any tattoo a man can, but there’s something sexy about a girl with a feminine tattoo. It says female, beauty and perhaps a degree of rebellion.

You need to take your time choosing the tattoo you will want to be proud of all your life. If it feels better, start with something small. And don’t think it needs to be way out there. Keep it simple. A heart, perhaps with curlicues, a bluebird, a small tribal design, an inspiring word.

If it feels right you can then go on to have larger tattoos. Some beautiful places to put your tattoo are the lower back, back of neck, ankles and shoulder, although you are by no means limited to any particular part of your body.

You can tattoo your whole back, get a tattoo sleeve, or even tattoo your buttocks as Cheryl Cole recently did.

Large flowers are popular, and look beautiful if you have chosen your tattoo artist well. Birds symbolize freedom. Find a tattoo that has meaning for you.